Olympia Della Flora

‘To get young kids to thrive in school, we need to do more than teach them how to read and write. We need to teach them how to manage their emotions’, says educator Olympia Della Flora. In this practical talk, Olympia Della Flora shares creative tactics she used to help struggling, sometimes disruptive students. Things like stopping for brain breaks, singing songs and even doing yoga poses. All with her existing budget and resources. “Small changes make huge differences, and it’s possible to start right now … You simply need smarter ways to think about using what you have, where you have it,” she says.

Olympia Della Flora took a principal position at one of the poorest performing schools in Ohio. By collaborating with stakeholders including students, staff, parents, and community, she wants to improve schools.

If you have an interest in school leadership, you may want to read more about our podcast series by clicking here. Operam Education Leadership Recruitment recognises the challenges that education leaders face and the isolated nature of the role. So many potential leaders may also be unsure of what path to take and whether to take the leap into headship. This can be even more of the case if considering leading an international school. So, we have initiated an original podcast series where we interview current leaders from a variety of backgrounds in education about their journey, challenges, and thoughts on current issues.

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