Education Leadership Abroad

Education Leadership Abroad

Education Leadership abroad is explored in the second instalment of our podcast series – Inspirational Education Leaders.

Episode 2: International Schools: The challenge of Leading Abroad with Clive Rogers

Have you have ever considered leading a school abroad but have been unsure and worried about the risks involved? Then Episode 2 of our podcast series covers almost all of what you need to know. Our regular podcast interviewer talks to Clive Rogers. Clive is Executive Principal at the International College, Uruguay.

As  a leader in education for over 40 years, Clive has developed international schools and educational programmes at all levels in the United Kingdom and abroad. Clive is a dynamic visionary leader with a proven track record and a wealth of experience. By collaborating with the school community, Clive has developed students and maintained excellent education standards all over the world. From Kuala Lumpa to Milano, Clive has proved to be a worthy custodian and leader of each school community he has managed. During this episode he talks about the benefits and pitfalls of working abroad – as well as his leadership style that has driven him to excellence over his long career.

The podcast covers:

  • Clive’s journey into teaching.
  • What type of person do you need to be to work abroad?
  • Leading abroad.
  • Skills needed overseas.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of working abroad.
  • Similarities and differences of leading a school in the UK and overseas.
  • How has the pandemic changed teaching and learning?
  • the challenges of adapting systems
  • What did Clive gain from working abroad?
  • What one thing would Clive change about his career?

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About our podcast series

Firstly, Operam Education Leadership Recruitment recognises the challenges that education leaders face and the isolated nature of the role. So many potential leaders may also be unsure of what path to take and whether to take the leap into headship. This can be even more of the case if considering leading a school overseas. So, we have started an original podcast series! We interview current leaders from a variety of backgrounds in education about their journey, challenges, and thoughts on current issues.

Learn about their experiences to help shape your own – Together shaping better futures.