World Environmental Day 2022

World Environmental Day 2022

It’s World Environmental Day 2022, and this year the theme is there is ‘Only One Earth.’ Did you know it was started by the United Nations to raise awareness of environmental issues across the globe? Importantly, World Environmental Day encourages people to act to protect our planet. So if you are a supply teacher, why not use today’s awareness day to help students understand more about their environment.

Our Brief Summary of the government’s sustainability and climate change strategy for education and children’s services.

We also want to make head teachers, assistant heads, business leaders as well as teaching staff, aware of the 2022 government paper. You may find our quick summary of what the paper includes a useful starting point. The paper concerns the government’s sustainability and climate change strategy for education and children’s services. It sets out its 4 strategic aims to reduce environmental footprint in order to achieve net zero by 2030. Importantly, It is compiled of short, medium, and longer-term actions. All actions will help enable progress towards the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

The Secretary of State for Education stated “The challenge of climate change is formidable. For children and young people to meet it with determination, and not with despair, we must offer them not just truth, but also hope. Learners need to know the truth about climate change – through knowledge-rich education. They must also be given the hope that they can be agents of change, through hands-on activity. And, as they progress, through guidance and programmes allowing them to pursue a green career pathway in their chosen field.”

So what school leaders need to know is that the paper aims to engage directly with children and young people. Importantly, it aims to do this through education to increase:

  • passion about the natural world
  • actions to protect it
  • influence within their communities

To read the government paper in full, click here

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