Teachers’ workplace bullying

Here we have listed a 10-point teachers’ workplace bullying management guide.

Did you know that this week is anti-bullying week? You may have read are previous guide to managing bullying amongst pupils. If not, whether you are a teacher, TA, or teaching support staff, you can read our do’s and don’ts of managing bullying in schools by clicking here

However, we thought this time that we would take a different approach. Teachers and supply teachers are not immune to workplace bullying, so here we have a 10 point guide on how to manage workplace bullying.

  1. Firstly, try to resolve the matter unofficially if you feel safe to do so.
  2. Do not to retaliate as you could be accused of bullying.
  3. Confide in a trusted friend or colleague to get emotional support.
  4. Ask for a one to one and call out the bullying behaviour: say what it is.
  5. Stick to labelling the behaviour and not the person.
  6. Stay calm and try not to get angry or cry.
  7. Stick to the facts.
  8. State the impact of their behaviour/actions on you.
  9. Familiarise yourself with your school/college’s anti-bullying policy.
  10. Outline what will happen next if it does not stop, according to policy guidance.

If you are a teacher or teaching assistant and are interest in reading more about workplace bullying, then click here. This link will take you the government website for further information on this topic.