STEM teacher shortage

A recent report into STEM teacher shortage

Did you know that a recent report found that there is an acute STEM teacher shortage? The report was carried out by Engineering UK 2020. So you’ve probably guessed this includes science teachers and maths teachers in secondary schools and sixth form. In addition, you should know that the shortage applies to both permanent and supply STEM teaching jobs. Equally, you may not realise that the shortage covers STEM technicians who have a growing number of vacancies. Furthermore, you may be unaware that many young people don’t know what they need to take to become an engineer.

The shortage of STEM teachers in secondary and further education, has been highlighted by almost three quarters of FE principals. Of concern, is that they rank engineering as the most difficult subject in terms of recruitment in further education.

Above all, the report found that pupils’ knowledge of engineering across all stages of education needs improvement. This was because only 42 per cent of boys and 31 per cent of girls knew what to do next to become an engineer.

Also highlighted was the under representation of pupils from disadvantaged and BAME backgrounds.

What Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive, EngineeringUK says

Hilary remarked that we need to work together to understand what causes under-representation of certain groups of young people progressing into engineering. She went on to say that we needed to tackle it at every stage. Above all, improvements were need on knowledge of engineering through the curriculum. In addition we need to support teachers and schools to deliver high quality STEM education. Also, more was needed on careers guidance to ensure that our education system it fit to cultivate the skills needed for the UK, now and in the future.

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