Plastic free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages individuals to reduce their plastic waste throughout the month of July. By participating in Plastic Free July, you can help combat plastic pollution and contribute to a cleaner environment. There are numerous resources available, such as online communities and helpful tips, to support your efforts in going plastic-free during this month.

Importance of Reducing Plastic Waste

  • Plastic waste is a major contributor to pollution in our oceans.
  • Plastic Free July encourages individuals to reduce their use of plastic products.
  • Cleaning up our waste products is crucial for the health of our planet.
  • Packaging, bags, and bottles are common sources of plastic pollution.
  • Choosing eco-friendly alternatives can help reduce plastic waste.

Tips to reduce plastic waste in schools

Did you know what the top 4 plastic uses are? They are commonly seen in schools and are:

  • plastic bags
  • water bottles
  • takeaway coffee cups
  • and plastic straws.

Every bit helps and sometimes changing one habit over a lifetime can result in a big change overall. The following tips are for you and for you to encourage your schools and your pupils to make changes, so raise awareness where you can. Some tips are:

  1. Ensure the staffroom has a waste system that includes recycle, general waste, soft plastics.
  2. Make sure your canteen has switched from plastic cutlery to bamboo, plastic straws to paper straws, and cardboard cups instead of plastic ones.
  3. Encourage use of reusable coffee cups; bring your own in and may be introduce a reward system.
  4. Bring in your own food containers, and utensils from home.
  5. Do you need a straw? Start requesting straw-free drinks.
  6. Encourage buying fruit and vegetables from local suppliers as these are not wrapped in plastic, you also could down waste by choosing the amount you want
  7. Encourage bringing in your own containers or bags that are re-usable.
  8. Do we really need bottled water? Try water from the tap and drink in reusable cups or bottles; you will save money too.
  9. Always have a bag for life, a supply in your car or one that can fold into a pocket and keep in a handbag or pocket.
  10. Promote the use of eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce plastic pollution

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