Organised Teacher Guide

Organised Teacher Guide

Our Organised Teacher Guide includes a free downloadable digital calendar with holidays and awareness days to help with lesson planning.

If you look at any advice or tips on how to be a better teacher, the one thing on all lists is organisation. For any teacher, being organised means increased learning opportunities for your students. But how do you become more organised?

Here we have put together sone tips with a downloadable digital calendar you can access for free.

Organised Teacher Tips:

  1. Prioritise essential tasks, you’ll never get it all done so focus on essentials.
  2. Go paperless wherever you can, it saves a lot of time.
  3. Develop a routine and stick to it.
  4. Prepare and plan.
  5. Make use of support staff wisely.
  6. With the digital age, try you use online resources for homework with automatic marking.
  7. Ensure you have an organised filing system, whether its emails, online documents or paperwork, sort out urgent to useful and label well.
  8. Manage interruptions, do what you need to do first and ask people to wait
  9. Know when your deadlines are so you manage work according to them
  10. Use a digital calendar, it will assist you with most of the above and help you be organised.