Finding the right role

Finding the right role as an ECT

Our ECT tips on finding the right role for you is important. Its essential you are placed in the best role as your first teaching assignment will shape your future. Remember statistics suggest 20% of ECTs leave within their first two years of teaching. So being placed in an unsuitable school where the culture is not a match, may cause a disconnection between your love of teaching and the actual role.

Why choose a specialist education recruiter?

Choosing a specialist education recruiter rather than a general one, will mean they will better understand your needs. A specialist education recruiter will have insight into schools and a better understanding of the type of support you will need. This will increase your chances of getting the right role.

The recruiter should be able to provide you with school background including:
• the atmosphere of the school
• type of after-school activities the school offers
• what support is given to ECTs.
What research you should conduct beforehand

In addition, you should conduct your own research to reinforce your insight. We recommend you:
• Read the Ofsted reports and review achievement tables from the Department of Education to see how well the school is doing.
• Give the school’s name a quick google and see if they have been in the local press at any point.
• Checkout Glassdoor, you will find reviews from employees on this website, although not all schools are registered.
• Of course, the school website is a great starting point, so take your time to explore that too.

We often arrange for our candidates to speak to previous ECTs who were placed last year, to provide ‘on the ground’ insight.

If you are an ECT and have not secured a role for September, then why not get in touch.