Early years supply skills

Supply work skills in the early years sector

This education sector needs their workers to have early years supply skills. You are probably aware of the pressures the pandemic has put on staffing. Above all, It is a rewarding sector to work in and is varied. However, It is a job that requires careful planning and preparation, personal skills and attributes. If you want to change sectors, are new to education, or know someone who may be interested in working with early years children, then looking over the skills may help you decide. As with all supply teaching, skills of communication, problem-solving and the ability to work with others are vital but here are some additional characteristics to consider

Characteristics needed to be an early years supply teacher

Every day you will find yourself changing plans due to the unpredictability of children, so be prepared to be flexible and change the structure of your day on a regular basis.

A young child’s mind is naturally inquisitive, but you also need to trigger curiosity to help develop their learning process. As a nursery teacher or early years practitioner you’ll have a responsibility to prepare children for primary school.

Most importantly, from feeding time to story time most duties within a nursery nurse will require patience.  At times you may feel tired, even exhausted, it’s at this point your patience will be tested!

Looking after babies and young children carries enormous responsibility, as you implement the daily routine of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children placed in the nursery.  As well as report writing for each child at the end of the day.

You never know what a day will bring, staying calm and resourceful to all types of situations is essential.

Working around children it’s also useful to have a good sense of humour!

If you have early year skills or experience, why not get in touch. Our consultant would be more than happy to discuss early years supply staffing opportunities.