Butterfly Awareness Day

Did you know that International Butterfly Awareness Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year? This year International Butterfly Awareness Day is on the 3rd of June.

Teaching Opportunities

Firstly, it provides an opportunity to teach children about the many different types of butterflies and moths found around the world. Secondly, educators can also use this day to teach about the life cycle of a butterfly, from butterfly eggs to caterpillars, chrysalis, and finally, the emergence of a beautiful butterfly with its wings ready to fly. In addition, teachers can use this day to discuss the importance of flowers and plants in the life cycle of butterflies and moths, as they rely on them for food and shelter. Last but least many species of butterflies are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, pesticide use, and invasive species. So therefore, there is opportunity to teach children about the environment.

 Lesson plan ideas

  1. teaching about the different types of butterflies, such as the monarch butterfly and painted lady.
  2. learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, from eggs to larvae, pupa, and finally, flying insects.
  3. observing and identifying butterfly wings, caterpillars, and chrysalis in their natural habitat or in a classroom setting.
  4. learning about the importance of butterflies and moths in pollinating flowers and plants.
  5. learning about conservation efforts include planting native plants that support butterfly populations.
  6. discovering different types of butterfly species. The monarch butterfly is a popular species to study during this day due to its unique migration patterns and importance in pollination.
  7. designing and drawing your own butterfly and thinking of a name for it.
  8. learning about the best plants to attract butterflies to a garden.
  9. if your school has its own garden, then teachers could link this to planting butterfly friendly flowers.
  10. learning about conservation and threats in the environment and how reducing pesticide use and creating protected areas for butterfly habitats.

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