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An individual can apply to be an apprentice while at school, however, you need to be at least 16 years old to start an apprenticeship. Undertaking an apprenticeship means starting work and earning a wage but having dedicated study time to gain qualifications by attending college or learning online. University isn’t right for everyone, and apprenticeships offer an alternative to fulltime studying.

Poppy Burnside 
Trainee Primary Consultant
(former Service Administrator Apprentice)


“I would recommend young people take control of their own futures and get out there to look for their ideal apprenticeship role, if you know studying full time isn’t for you. I wanted to start work, earn a wage and complete my studies, but I gained so much more at OEG due to opportunities and career pathways available, if you work hard: the only way is up for apprentices at OEG.”

The benefits of being an apprentice:

  1. Start earning a wage.
  2. Learn how to become part of a team.
  3. Develop your confidence, communication skills and build your resilience.
  4. Learn how to develop a work routine.
  5. Develop work-based competencies and skills.
  6. Be able to choose the right career pathway for you.
  7. Learn how to manage a job and study for a qualification at the same time.
  8. Continuous support and training for your role.
  9. Increase your employability.
  10. Enhance your CV.

About our Apprenticeship Ambassador

Our Apprenticeship Ambassador is employed within the Operam Education Group and have completed their apprenticeship within the last three years. They are passionate about promoting Apprenticeships to others because of their own positive experience.

The Ambassador role involves helping young people understand all their options to identify if an apprenticeship is right for them. They take a lead role in networking, presenting, and communicating in a wide range of settings such as school assemblies, career fairs and education events. Internally, the Ambassador represents the voice of apprentices, contributing to meetings and relevant decisions, as well as welcoming and supporting new apprentices into the company.

Anyone who may be interested in an apprenticeship opportunity at OEG can send us their CV or email us for an informal chat at  – we are always looking out for new talent!

Our Apprenticeship Ambassador has offered the following advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship role:

  1. Carry out research about the business (Google them, check out their website).
  2. Understand what the company stands for: their mission, vision, and values (does it match your own?).
  3. Compare different companies to see which one you prefer.
  4. Check there is weekly focused study time.
  5. Ask what support mechanisms are in place.
  6. What training is available?
  7. Are there structured goals and competencies to reach?
  8. Are there career pathways on offer?
  9. Practise interview skills and learn how to sell yourself.
  10. Is there a job at the end of my apprenticeship?

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Remember, anyone who may be interested in an apprenticeship opportunity at OEG can send us their CV or email us for an informal chat at  – we are always looking out for new talent!

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